Product Tips & Tricks

We know makeup can be intimidating, so here are some introductory tips for each of our products.

Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm

  • Start from your nose and blend outward.
  • Start with a pea-sized amount.  Add and blend as needed for a natural, flawless complexion.
  • In between seasons? No problem. This formula is sheer enough to blend for shade matching during those in-between months.
  • Finish with our Translucent Powder to make your BB last all day!

Creaseless Concealer

  • Try a shade darker for the best under eye coverage rather than going too light. Trust us.
  • A little goes a long way with our Creaseless Concealer.  Start with a very small amount and add to your desired coverage.
  • Warm up the concealer with your ring fingers for a smooth application.
  • Skin around our eye area is delicate!  Use a dabbing motion to apply instead of dragging.
  • Add just a smidge to your lips to create the perfect canvas for your lipstick.

Cheek & Lip Rouge

  • Lightly dab on the apples of your cheek and blend for a flushed, natural look.
  • First time using a cream blush?  Try using our Kabuki Brush to blend!
  • Try applying on lips for a matte stain or under a coat of gloss for soft color.
  • The cream formula can double as a base under your regular powder blush or can be applied over top of a bronzer for those winter months.

Creme Lipstick

  • One coat will do with this super rich formula.
  • Before applying, add a smudge of concealer to your lips for the ultimate canvas.
  • Add a little shine by applying Tinted Lipgloss on the center of your lips.  This draws light to the area making your lips look full and beautiful.

Tinted Lipgloss

  • Apply one coat for a wash of wearable every-day color, two coats or more for added color pay-off, or over lipstick for added shine.
  • Coconut oil in our Tinted Lipgloss formulation helps keep your lips nourished.  Warm up the gloss between your lips and use the applicator to spread out the product for easy application!
  • Honey pairs well with our Champagne Lipstick
  • Petal is a terrific accompaniment to Raspberry or Peony
  • Rosewood is gorgeous on it's own or even over our Burnt Rose Pot Rouge

Effortless Eyeliner

  • Twist eyeliner to reveal its tip and apply to your upper and lower lash line for definition.
  • Try smudging lash line for a softer smokey look.
  • Don't forget to twist liner down before putting the lid back on!

Volumizing & Lengthening Mascaras

  • Start from the base of your lash line and shimmy the brush back and forth along your lashes.
  • Try waiting 15 seconds before applying a second coat for more impact.

Translucent Powder

  • Swirl on surface of pressed powder with a soft fluffy brush to get desired level of powder.
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Use alone all over your face to brighten dull skin or on top of oily spots like your T-Zone to mattify.
  • It works great as an all over setting powder or as the final step in your routine!

Matte Bronzer

  • Use a soft fluffy brush to pick up pigments, and lightly tap off the excess.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • For bronzing and warming up your complexion begin by dusting the powder to areas of the face where the sun naturally hits like the cheekbones, the forehead, the bridge of your nose, and your chin.
  • Remember bronzing is different than contouring!
  • When bronzing you are adding warmth.
  • When you’re contouring you’re adding depth or dimension by “pushing” features back (say the hollows of your cheeks) or adding shadows to make features look smaller or slimmer.
  • Popular areas for contouring include the jawline, the tip and sides of your nose maybe and even your hairline.

Cream Illuminator

  • Our Cream Illuminator can help you achieve an easy contour and highlight the areas you want to bring forward or make more prominent like your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bone, your cupid's bow and the center of your forehead and chin.
  • Warm up the product by applying with your fingers in a dabbing motion on the areas you wish to highlight, and blend out in a circular motion for a natural-looking radiance
  • Build intensity in layers to achieve desired glow.
  • Use in combination with our bronzer if you desire a contoured look.

Powder Blush

  • Swirl your brush into the pot to gather desired color. Gently tap off any excess pigment.
  • Dust on a light coat of blush with a soft brush like our Kabuki starting light and build to desired intensity.
  • Apply the blush onto the apple of your cheeks and blend the color along your cheekbone.
  • Apply no lower than your nostril and no closer to your nose than your pupil for the most natural look.

Essential Eye Palette

  • Shimmer shades are perfect for highlighting. Apply to the inner corner of your eyes and the middle of your lids to make your eyes brighter!
  • Matte shades are perfect to darken up any eye look, or use as a blending shade. They are multi-purpose, so go ahead and fill in your brows and line your eyes!
  • Use the angled side of the brush to fill in your brows and line your eyes, and the fluffy end to blend out any harsh edges
  • For a easy look, apply a wash of a single color of your choice all over the lid. Make sure to not go too far above your crease!