Here's a radical idea:
What if we just all told the truth?
We'll go first.

Other brands are wasting your time & money

Most makeup is marked up 10-11x. Then over half goes unused before it expires.

Because when was the last time you finished a lipstick?

Our products are smaller on purpose.

Smaller sizes = less waste and lower costs = more makeup for less money.

We call it being #PrettyQuick.

#PrettyQuick is smart. It is luxury formulas in sizes that make sense. We tell you exactly how much everything costs.

Here's another truth

We get to choose how we want to look and how we present ourselves to the world.

Beauty standards can be exhausting. And you can’t always opt out.

We are here with the truth. No aspirational lifestyle pork or self-care mantras. No rationalization about empowerment. No justifications given for any choice women make about themselves and their lives. Because the truth is sometimes we wear makeup for ourselves and sometimes we wear it for others and double standards are real. And you don’t owe anyone any answers about why you do what.

At Stowaway we do one thing. Make it easier. We save money and time. Because helping women is what we’re about. And that’s a truth that should never be hard to tell.